cities, mobilities,

and ecology

Pascal Cairo feb 24 2



CEDEJ is located at the heart of Africa’s largest city and offers incomparable research opportunities to those interested in environmental studies, infrastructure, mobility, and urban studies in general. We organized a seminar on urban ecologies in the Spring of 2023, followed by an international conference on the same theme in June 2023. This year we organize, in partnership with the Arab Political Science Network, a webinar series on the politics of infrastructure and a conference on infrastructure in the MENA region, which will take place on July 1-2, 2024 in Cairo. 

Our research focuses on metropolization and urban changes, in particular on the city’s outskirts, in Cairo’s new extensions, and in the New Administrative Capital. We are interested in the right to a fast changing city at a time of upheaval in the housing, public service, and transportation sectors.

We also work on the ecological crisis and study cities from the perspectives of their human and non-human denizens. Egypt is a privileged site of ecological and climate observation thanks to the wealth of data that is produced on its territory and the critical mass of research conducted here.

Finally, we study the mobilities of people and goods, in order to understand internal, regional, and international migration in a time of regional crises and upheavals. We study the modalities of migration and the trajectories of migrants in the societies they inhabit.