One of CEDEJ’s main areas of interest is music, culture, and society. In this section, you will find news, events, and publications that engage with the social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions of music in Egypt.

The “Music in Egypt Working Group” is an informal network of students and early career scholars currently doing research into different aspects of music in Egypt. Bringing together researchers from various disciplines, including anthropology, (ethno)musicology, and cultural studies, it offers a space to discuss ideas and fieldwork challenges, and to share resources. Members include CEDEJ fellows Dalia Ibraheem, Amr Abdelrahim, and Sophie Frankford. If you wish to join the working group, please send a letter of interest to Dalia Ibraheem and Sophie Frankford

ASWAT is a series of musical meetings and performances exploring a range of musical practices in and around Egypt. Each concert is preceded by an academic presentation and offers an opportunity to look into the historical, religious, and social aspects of Egyptian music.

ASWAT is supported by CEDEJ, IFAO, and the French Institute in Egypt. It is curated by Kawkab Tawfik.

Aswat Feb 2024

sounding sudan

february 2024

nasserist folk ensembles

march 2023

Sh'abi music and street performance

march 2023

Electronic music in Egypt

november 2022

simsimeya of the suez canal

july 2022

journey to the iraqi music

may 2022

laylat al zikr

april 2022

Web Design Outline Proposal 118


march 2022

zar Abu El Ghait school

january 2022

The fifth string

october 2021