The CEDEJ offers a scholarship / an internship for a period of one month (renewable) for a student of Master 1 or 2 who wishes to write his dissertation in Egypt on one of the following topics:


Topic 1: Electoral Sociology, Electoral Geography in Egypt

The work will be co-supervised by Hala Bayoumi, research engineer at CNRS who heads the Digital Humanities and GIS at the CEDEJ. The student will benefit from the analysis and results of the electoral data in Egypt for the 2011 elections (presidential elections) and 2012 (parliamentary elections).

He / she will also co-sign an article on this subject with the head of the Digital Humanities.

For more information on the methodology we use for electoral data at the CEDEJ, read this page


– The student must have basic knowledge of the Egyptian administrative division, as well as a basic knowledge of electoral sociology and electoral geography to be able to comment and interpret the results made available, or to rework the maps.

– For the candidate specialized in geography, mastery of the mapping tool (Adobe Illustrator) is required.

For more details:


Topic 2: Health in Egypt

Several areas of study are possible, you can choose from the following list:

Access to medicines; the distribution policy; the formal and informal markets of medicines; generic medicines; maternal and child health; obesity


Topic 3: Local governance

Choose one the two areas of studies:

– The right of local authorities in Egypt in 2017: state of play

– The issue of funding for local authorities in the political and media discourse in Egypt.

Condition: Good command of Arabic is required



Topic 4: The village or the urban economy

Suggested areas of study:

– The roofs of Cairo

– Geohistory of major hotels, reflections on the history of Cairo, its politics and of globalization

– A monograph of one of the malls

All other proposed topics will also be considered.


Topic 5: Nutrition

Suggested areas of study:

Food subsidies; nutrition and obesity; tobacco; the study of a specific sector with a daily high consumption of on these products : wheat flour, oil, sugar, meat or milk


Topic 6: Criminal Economy / studying the phenomenon of child abduction in Egypt

The rate of child abduction has taken on a new momentum in Egypt since the political upheavals of 2011. This has not only resulted in a deterioration of the socio-economic situation and an increase in poverty but it has also caused more insecurity, which was caused by the instability of the borders, the deployment of criminal networks involved in organ trafficking, weapons, kidnapping and the exploitation of migrants.

While some of these criminal activities fairly grabbed the public attention, others, like child trafficking are not as popular. More studies should be dedicated to this topic, particularly from child protection institutions especially by studying the social networks and the Egyptian blogosphere should be mobilized on this topic.

Condition: good command of Arabic is required

Terms and conditions

– The student must be enrolled in a Masters program in a French, Egyptian or a foreign university specialized in humanities and social sciences.

– He / she is required to acquire basic knowledge on Egypt and on the chosen topic, before the internship.

– The student will have to show a sense of adaptability, autonomy in organizing their work and good interpersonal skills to fit into the CEDEJ team.

Deadline to apply : November 15th, 2016

Location: CEDEJ, Cairo, Egypt

Duration: 1 month (renewable) during the first semester of the year 2017

Compensation: 5000 EGP per month or equivalent internship compensation. Plane tickets are not included.

To apply

Kindly send your CV + cover letter to: and