International symposium
“Being a citizen in the metropolis: mobility, hospitality and sanitary challenges”
organized by the CEDEJ and the IFE

The international symposium “Being a citizen in the metropolis: mobility, hospitality and sanitary challenges” organized by the CEDEJ and the IFE, marks the fourth edition of the series of yearly conferences “Making the Sustainable City” initiated by the French Institute in Egypt (IFE). It intends to bring a reflection on the relationship between the phenomenon of metropolization and the question of urban citizenship.
This two-day symposium aims at creating a dialogue between the work of local and international researchers, as well as observers and experts, about the challenges that the growing urbanization imposes on the relation of the citizens to the metropolis, their possibilities to belong to it, to feel actors of the urban making and free to claim a right to the city. These urban citizenships are confronted with the current challenges of metropolization: increased financialization of the city, stretched travel times, residential mobility and capacity to cope with the metropolis, sanitary crisis tied to the covid 19 pandemic, international circulations… Consequently, what are the reflections, practices and policies that enable to consider the metropolis as a place of urban citizenship in spite of crises and inequalities, and in a sustainable perspective?
By offering conferences, round tables and a film screening, throughout two days, the symposium will open a space to address the challenges of the metropolization and urban governance, putting in the heart of the debate the position and the role of the citizen, settled or passing, resident or migrant, integrated or rejected by the dynamics of the city on the long term and also on particular times of crisis.

Due to the current health crisis, this conference is only online.

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Participants : Myriam Ababsa, Randa Abdel Aziz, Mona Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Abo Tera, Michel Agier, Hend Aly, Rasha Arous, Mohamed Bakhit, Salma Belal, Ahmed Borham, Soraya Boudia, Barbara Casciarri, Ludovic Chalonge, Armelle Choplin, Collectif Cocomasr, Collectif Wiki-Umran, Agnès Deboulet, Eric Denis, Clément Deshayes, Kamel Doraï, Youssef El Chazli, Nour El Deeb, Tamer El Shayal, Karim Ghaleb, Karim-Yassin, Goessinger, Abdelrahman Hegazy, Kareem Ibrahim, Omnia Khalil, Vanessa Lehmann, Waleed Mansour, Adelina Miranda, Hussin Mohamed, Laura Monfleur, Heba Moussa, Thierry Paquot, Marine Poirier, Martina Rieker, David Ruffel, Alexandra Schindler, Yahia Shawkat, David Sims, Olivier Telle, Marie Vannetzel, Dalia Wahdan, Ahmed Zaazaa.

2nd & 3rd of December - online via Zoom

Simultaneous translation is available in three languages: French / English / Arabic

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